Personalised and targeted to individual needs.

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We offer a full range of academic subjects depending on the needs of the learner, with access to accreditation through our exam centre status.


The child-centred nature of our provision means that we can tap into the strengths and specific interests of our learners to maximise engagement and academic achievement.

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Individual requirements

Each learner will be provided with a bespoke timetable and a team of carefully selected tutors in order to maximise the level of engagement and achievement.

Other Support Offered

Specialist Behaviour Support in schools to help support learners at risk of permanent exclusion.

Making a difference

The team of FCTS tutors is committed to developing the self-confidence, independence and resilience of each of our learners to support them to become happy, independent and successful individuals. Our mission is to make a real difference in ensuring the best possible outcomes for the young people whose education is entrusted to us.​