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First Class Tailored Solutions

We are an alternative provider of individually tailored educational packages for children and young people who, for a variety of reasons, fall outside mainstream education. Mental health or medical issues, anxiety, behavioural patterns etc may mean that participating in mainstream education is not appropriate. We aim to re-engage children and young people in learning by ensuring that individual needs are met such that our learners can positively move towards becoming successful, independent and resilient young people.

FCTS was formed in 2012, we are a long established and experienced team. The many years of teaching experience of our Directors and Case Managers means that we have a real understanding of what is needed to affect re-inclusion into education and learning.

Exam Centre

We are a registered exam centre which means easy accessibility to GCSE/A Level qualifications across a range of boards, AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Additionally we offer Functional Skills, Arts Awards, Aims Awards and ASDAN.

Our Aim

'Making a difference' - Meeting individual needs through the delivery of a bespoke timetable to maximise both academic and personal potential.

Happy clients

"Full of praise for your professionalism and support "above and beyond"… these students would not have achieved their potential of these grades if they had stayed in school."​
Assistant Head
Trinity School

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