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We are an external provider of transitional alternative educational packages for young people in challenging circumstances across Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire and the surrounding counties

First Class Tailored Solutions was established in April 2012 with the aim of providing short-term individually tailored educational programmes for the large number of young people who are at any one time unable to attend mainstream schooling. The years of experience of our Managing Director, Janet Starr, as Individual Provision Lead in Nottinghamshire, means that we have a real understanding of what is needed to affect re-inclusion and to achieve positive re-engagement with education. We have a strong team of Teachers & Teaching Assistants whose focus is always child-centred.


The provision we offer is highly flexible in terms of location, hours of input and educational experience provided. We work 1:1 in the home, in school alongside members of staff in other appropriate venues.  Programmes can be created to meet individual need. Sessions out of school hours can also be provided. The area we cover, at the moment, is the East Midlands region and have staff in all of these areas. Find out more about us on our services pages. If you teach or mentor and would like to join this growing organisation, then please feel free to fill in an application form.


Robust safeguarding, monitoring and evaluation procedures are in place. We are experts at providing a planned differentiated curriculum and flexibility to ensure the best possible outcomes for the young people whose education is entrusted to us.


Please contact us to discuss what we offer and how we can tailor our provision to meet your needs.

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What we do
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If you would like us to help with a young person, then please feel free to look at the 'Contact us' information page and download a form to help us support you with this. 
  • These students have achieved results which were much better than we would have expected had they remained in school

  • Excellent commitment from talented teachers - thank you!

  • Would not hesitate to recommend First Class to colleagues.

Our Mission:

Young people can find education a problem for a variety of reasons. Fitting in, getting the right help or worrying about how other people see them. When their difficulties become too much for them, impeding their academic progress, external provision is the next option. Whether they have medical, behavioural or anxieties that reduce their time in mainstream, we can help.

At First Class we have teachers who specialise in all areas of the curriculum and across Key Stages 1-5. As an external provider, we not only deliver academic support but can also offer mentoring for those who are challenged by being in a mainstream classroom. We provide strategies, in co-ordination with schools to help students back into education. If you're interested in joining the organisation and live in the East Midlands, why not take a look at our contacts page


For those outside of mainstream education, we can offer tailored solutions for activities and sessions which build on their interests or support them in achieving qualifications.