What we offer

At First Class, we provide good quality education tailored to each individual learner's needs and circumstances. As an external provider, this can range from delivering lessons to young people studying Higher Level GCSEs, to re-engaging demotivated learners into an educational programme designed to meet their specific needs and strengths with the aim of supporting transition  back into mainstream or to another more long term provision. We work with students across all Key Stages, and we are a countywide and surrounding area service.

We teach

The young people referred to us come from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. We often work with learners who are in Care or who have recently left the Care System. We support young people, parents/carers and schools by working with learners whose behaviour may be causing concern, and who are struggling to access a mainstream  curriculum.

We provide

Schools/referrers will receive reports every 6 weeks outlining areas of the curriculum delivered and learners' progress. We attend planning meetings with referrers and liaise with other professionals involved to ensure effective support is put in place for the young people.

Requests for our service vary and can involve one or two tutor sessions a week or the provision of full-time education for a specified time. We sometimes work with learners in school, sometimes in the home or we can use public venues such a libraries.

We mentor

Some of our learners may be experiencing difficult situations at home, and need a different educational package for a short time. Other learners may have a diagnosed condition such as autism and may require one-to-one tuition from experienced teachers in a different venue to their mainstream school. Most of our learners are re-integrated successfully either back into mainstream school or another appropriate long term provision. One of the reasons we are so successful is because we work very closely with all stakeholders.

We support

Our tutors are able to plan and deliver sessions which are appropriate to each individual child. Work and resources are sometimes provided by school, but are often provided by our tutors. Our aim is always to ensure each learner is receiving an education that meets the highest of standards and helps each young person to reach their potential.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to every referral we receive. We also ensure a risk assessment is in place for each child we serve.