Our Case Managers identify an alternative programme for learners who may need a different type of external provision that will engage them in some form of learning.


First Class aim to provide a tailored educational programme that is appropriate for each particular learner. We know that if we can provide the correct requirements, then the young person will feel that they are continuing with their learning, in spite of individual difficulties or needs. From this point they can then be supported in achieving their potential, in consultation with both school and parents/carers and hopefully following a planned transition programme.

Using a variety of external provision activities, First Class will monitor the progress of learners to ensure that they are happy in their learning. As the young person moves through their learning programmes, in consultation with schools, parents/carers, First Class Teachers and Case Managers, we will adapt their activities to ensure the right outcomes for them.




Case Managers liaise with community projects which may be able to help those learners who find it difficult to engage in school based learning, giving them confidence to revisit their attitude to academic life.



The workshops can include such activities as fishing, biking and construction. These can be community based or specialist companies who want to help excluded young people back into learning.


Who we work with

Alongside schools, parents and carers, First Class scour the county to find specific provision that will help learners to re-engage with skills needed to improve their confidence.

What we offer


Why mentor?

Individual teaching plans

First Class Tailored Solutions is an educational organisation, which is staffed by highly qualified and very experienced teachers and teaching assistants. Read More...

Some learners need more than an academic perspective. This is where a mentor can help by providing young people with a way back into learning.

Each learner will be provided with their own learning programme. Subject teachers will provide a flexible plan on how they will be working with the learner.

Working with parents & carers


Working with schools

Working with younger children

First Class work very closely with parents and carers to provide their child with flexible lessons that meet their individual needs. 

First Class Tailored Solutions has extensive experience of working with primary and secondary schools, helping learners to reach their full potential. Read more...

There are a growing number of primary aged children who struggle in a main stream classroom, for hugely diverse reasons. Read more...

Process of referral

Reporting of progress


First Class aims to work quickly to provide support at the earliest opportunity. This is to ensure that a positive relationship is created in a minimum amount of time to help the young person feel at ease.

Every student will receive a 6 week progress report from their respective tutors and mentors. This will give a summary to the relevant authorities as to what the learner has achieved. Read more...