Learner Progress Reports

At First Class, we are determined to deliver the very best in educational provision to our young people and to the referrers with whom we work. To this end, we have developed a robust system of progress reporting. Towards the end of each school half–term, each tutor writes a detailed progress report on the child that they are working with. This report lists the areas of work that the child has been studying, comments on the progress of the child over that period of study and gives an indication of attainment.

Frequently, a comment is also made about the young person’s personal and social development as this also forms an important part of the work we do with many of our children. An individual child may have several tutors and therefore he or she may have a number of reports written each half term. At FCTS, we believe it is definitely a great advantage to have up to date, relevant and regular information on every child we teach. In addition to our tutor comments, we also give carers and the child the opportunity to comment on their experiences with First Class Tuition on each report prepared. We are pleased to say we get lots of excellent feedback!.