Feedback & Reviews

First Class Tailored Solutions has now been established for 5 years and in that time we have built up excellent relationships with a variety of stakeholders. During the last year we have been trying to catch a flavour of how we are doing. This page is dedicated to some of the reviews we have received...

  • First Class tutors have changed the lives of these students


  • You have greatly improved the life chances of vulnerable learners


  • These students have achieved results which were much better than we would have expected had they remained in school


  • Excellent commitment from talented teachers - thank you! All the above from Assistant Head of Nottingham City School


  • Your continued support for Child A is heartwarming and I would personally like to thank you for going the extra mile and doing things out of your remit as their tutor. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to colleagues and have advocated that support continues for Child A through transition period and in future post 16 provision. (Wingfield, South Yorkshire) Jun 2017


  • I want to take this opportunity to thank you (Primary Coordinator)and your staff for your patience and support (Casework  Officer)


  • The progress that S has made is all down to the hard work from First Class (EHE Team)


  • Thank you to First Class staff for being another set of eyes and ears! (Social Worker)










  • Assistant Head  of Trinity School

    Full of praise for your professionalism and support "above and beyond"…  these students would not have achieved their potential of these grades if they had stayed in school.


  • Parent of year 11 

    'Just a note to say a big thankyou for all your support and for making E's exam time as painless as possible. You do a great job!' (Jun 2017)


  • Year 11 pupil

  • 5 stars! I had three tutors for my separate subjects while being out of school for two and a half years due to mental health issues. Without the help of first class I may have never been able to overcome these issues, never mind getting 5+ GCSEs from A-C! But with their help I managed to pass all 7, gaining mostly Bs and also an A in Psychology. I am so grateful for all the help that they offered and I don't think I could express this no matter which way I put it.' (Apr 25, 2017)

  • Parent of Leicestershire pupil

  • 'S' loved everything about learning with L. L bought 'S' to life, she is amazing'. I wish we had had L for longer, fabulous teacher and person!