It's about...'making a difference'

​Our Mission

First Class Tailored Solutions aim to ensure that all learners have the appropriate provision in place to support their learning. As external providers in the Nottinghamshire and surrounding counties, we care greatly that young people are not left without direction in their education. As a support service, we work tirelessly with schools and academies, as well as other outside public agencies, to make sure that the provision we give the learners is relevant to their studies, and mirrors, as far as possible, that of their mainstream peers.

We have a dedicated support team which ensures that the teaching and mentoring staff can focus on their learners. The Administration Officers and Case Managers work with schools, public agencies and families to ensure that, as external providers, the provision is both suitable and tailored to each particular learner.


We are subject to OFSTED regulations, are regularly scrutinised during a schools' own inspections and we have our own Quality Assurance programme for lesson evaluations to ensure quality control in the planning and delivery of lessons by our teachers and specialist teaching assistants.



STAFF - What we do



Our Admin support carry out those tasks that allow the teachers to get on with their primary task. Our team will normally be the first point of contact for anyone needing external provision.​


Our Case Managers have their specific regions within the county and meet with parents/carers, schools and other agencies to ensure that the appropriate provision is put in place for each learner, as well as supporting reintegration at a appropriate time. 



Teachers used by First Class are experienced in dealing with learners who are currently outside mainstream education. For those with medical barriers, we will ensure that they receive tuition to gain the relevant outcomes, as dictated by their school. Sessions are also aimed at re-engaging and motivating young people, so that they get the most from their learning.